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# Description

The jBASE MSG command sends a message to other users using either port numbers or account/user ids. It takes the general form:

MSG {!port | account/userid } text (Options


  • !port is the target port number for the message.
  • account/userid is the target user or users for the message.
  • text is the message body.
  • options are:
    • v- do not strip unprintable characters from the error message

Examples of use may be as:

MSG !31 As Zeus said to Narcissus, watch yourself

Sends a message to the tty device associated with port number 31.

MSG Jim There is little future in being right when your boss is wrong

Sends message to the tty device for all users named Jim.

m = @(-3):"Please log off now!"
EXECUTE "MSG jeff ":m:" (V"

jBC code to send a message with screen control to user jeff.

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