# Sleep

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Tags: program profiling

# Description

Suspends execution for a specified number of seconds, or with the special ON or OFF operands can turn the execution of the SLEEP command on or off. Note that the -s option to jkeyauto can also be used to turn off execution of the SLEEP statement by default - in this case the SLEEP ON will subsequently over-ride this.

It's general use is as:

 SLEEP {expression} | ON | OFF
  • ON - When "SLEEP ON" is executed all SLEEP statements will be executed as normal.
  • OFF- When "SLEEP OFF" is executed, all SLEEP statements will be ignored.
  • expression The time to sleep expressed as a number of seconds. If the sleep time "expression" is not specified, it defaults to 1 second.

A non-integer value to sleep may be set for fractions of a second. The actual sleep time will depend upon the granularity of the system clock and the load on the system.

Typically, resolutions to the nearest 1/100th of a second are usually possible.

An example of use may be as:

sleep value*2
crt "Sleep: Request = ":value*2:" secs, actual = ":$UBOOT-time1

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