# Options

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Normally jkeyauto is run simply as "jkeyauto scriptname" but more options are available. The options available are

Option Description
-ftimeout Set the timeout value for Waiting on a sync. lock.
-h or -? Display the help screen.
-i ignore any extranous INPUT statements.
-s Default to ignore any SLEEP statements in the script. This can subsequently be over-ridden by the SLEEP ON and SLEEP OFF statements within a script.
-t Turn on statement tracing. Every time a new line of script begins execution, jkeyauto will display the source line. Useful for tracing and debugging large scripts. See also the TRACE ON and TRACE OFF statements.
-x When jkeyauto exits, display to the terminal all the values of the variables created within the script.
-S Manipulate the sync. lock

The -S option can also be used which changes the functionality of jkeyauto. When the -S option is used, then instead of executing the named script, we do the sync. functionality using jkeyauto scripts. This is similar to the SYNC statement described earlier. When the -S option is used, the syntax for the jkeyauto command becomes:

jkeyauto -S LOCK|UNLOCK|WAIT|TEST locknumber {-ftimeout}

See the description of the SYNC statement for the operation of this syntax.

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