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# jKEYAUTO Language

Overview Overview of the jkeyauto functionality.
Options jkeyauto command line options.
Profiling Profiling with jkeyauto
Variables Variables provided in jkeyauto programs

# jKEYAUTO Statements

CRT Prints messages to either stdout or stderr.
EXECUTE Executes an external program.
EXIT Exits the program.
GOSUB Transfers execution of the script to a specified label allowing RETURN
GOTO Transfers execution of the script to a specified label.
IF Conditionally executes a statement.
INPUT Pass data to a program loaded through the PROGRAM statement.
PIPEREAD Reads terminal data from the pipes created with the PROGRAM statement.
PRECISION Set the number of places of decimal point for jkeyauto variables.
PROGRAM Begins execution of an external program and continues.
PUTENV Exports a variable to become an external environment variable.
READDELAY Changes the delay between data reads from a pipe.
RETURN Return from a previously executed GOSUB.
SLEEP Suspends execution for a specified number of seconds.
STOP Stops execution of the jkeyauto program.
SYNC Provides synchronization between multiple copies of jkeyauto.
TRACE Traces the code executed by jkeyauto.
TYPEDELAY Specify the time delay, in seconds, between each simulated typed character.
WAIT Waits until a program loaded with the PROGRAM statement has completed.

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