# Input

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Tags: program profiling

# Description

Pass data to one or all programs loaded through the PROGRAM statement so the programs see this as though it were input from the keyboard.

When the characters in "expression" are piped to the program , there will be a delay of 0.1 seconds between each character and this is used to simulate a typical keyboard entry rate. This value can be changed with the TYPEDELAY statement. If the data to send begins with a 0x02 or a 0x1b, then this is assumed to be the start of a function key sequence and the first 4 characters will not have a type delay associated with them. In a string constant a 0x02 would be "~002" and a 0x1b would be "~027".

INPUT expression {PIPE expression_pipe} {NOCR}


  • expression_pipe is the pipe number to send the data to, default is -1 or ALL of them. See the example below for how to decide what pipe number to use.
  • NOCR optionally tells jkeyauto not to append a carriage return at the end of the statement. Without this option, jkeyauto automatically appends a 0x0a at the end of writing "expression".

# Example

program "MYPROG " : filename : " " : itemid
if $? ne 0 then goto programerror
pipeno=$PIPE ;* Save the pipe number the program started at
INPUT "This is my name" TO pipeno

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