# jchmod

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# Description

The jchmod utility provides a mechanism to modify Hash file parameters. The -L and +L options will also affect operating system level directory files.

# Syntax

jchmod -Options +Options Filename

# Options

Option Explanation
-t Tabulate description about the file
-B Remove backup of file using jbackup
-C Remove control file usage flag
-J Remove journaled file updates
-L Remove logging the file
-M Disable monitoring the file (Audit Logging)
-N Remove the network friendly flag
-R Remove resize specification
-S Remove secure mode updates (j3 only)
-T Remove transaction boundary support
+A Auto-detect if a file is network friendly
+B Add backup of file using jbackup
+C Add control file usage flag
+J Add journaled file updates
+L Add logging the file
+M Enable monitoring the file (Audit Logging)
+N Add the network friendly flag
+S Add secure mode updates (j3 only)
+T Add transaction boundary support
+Rspec Add restore spec , used during jrestore

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