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# Description

This can be used to check the status of jBASE databases, i.e running or paused. It may be invoked as:

DB-STATUS option

where option may be:

  • The -a option specifies that all databases should be shut down (This option is restricted to jBASE 5)
  • The -n option specifies the database to shut down  ( This option is restricted to jBASE 5)
  • Use the -t option to display users currently inside a transaction.
  • The -v option is the verbose option.
  • Use the -w option to display all users currently suspended and waiting for a DB-RESUME.
  • The -V option is the very verbose option and is the equivalent of -t, -v and -w together.

Run this command as any user which also shows the status of the DB-PAUSE command

An example of use may be:

DatajBASE paused at Mon Nov 25 16:13:36 2002
For READ and WRITE operations
Updates are denied also to root users
Existing transactions can continue until complete
Port 4 is waiting for DB-RESUME
Port 23 is waiting for DB-RESUME
Port 31 is inside a transaction
1 ports inside a transaction, 2 ports waiting for DB-RESUME

One common usage of these commands will be to split mirrors on a mirrored disk system. One of the mirrors can then continue a jBASE operation following a DB-RESUME and the other mirror, which is now quiescent, used for a fast backup using operating system specific backup tools.

# Note

This utility is only available in jBASE 4.1 and later.

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