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# Description

This command will pause all database operations, through jEDI, to the jBASE database. It takes the general form:

DB-PAUSE options

where options may be:

  • a - option means that administrators (e.g. root users on UNIX) can still make updates to the database.
  • n - option specifies the database to pause (This option is restricted to jBASE 5)
  • r - option still allows read operations on the database and therefore only pauses updates.
  • t - option permits users inside a transaction to continue until it terminates the transaction by either a commit (TRANSEND) or a rollback (TRANSABORT).

The command can be run a number of times with different options. For example, run it with the -a option to allow root users continued access then when sure all normal users are paused, run it again without the -a option, which will suspend the updates for all users.

An example of use use is as:

DatajBASE paused at Mon Nov 25 15:59:53 2002
For READ and WRITE operations
Updates are denied also to root users
Transactions will be blocked immediately.

# Note

This utility is only available in jBASE 4.1 and later.

See also DB-RESUME

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