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# Creating an Account

The CREATE-ACCOUNT command enables the user to create a new account for use within the jBASE system.

# Command Syntax

CREATE-ACCOUNT {options} AccountName

# Syntax Elements

  • AccountName - the name of the account record in the SYSTEM file.
    This can be a full path, a relative path or just the name of the account.
    If a full or relative path is used then the last element of the path is used as the account name.

# Options

Option Description
-e emulation the emulation for the account
-m path full path to existing MD (implies -n)
-n do not create an MD for the account
-r generate a remote.cmd for Telnet (Windows only)
-b dirs include additional bin directories
-l dirs include additional lib directories
-p Prompt for an Account Password (jBASE 5.8 forward)
-h or -? show helps (ignored if there are other options)

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