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# Description

The AUTOLOGOUT command enables a session to be automatically logged off should there be no keyboard activity for a specified time.

It takes the general form:

AUTOLOGOUT {n {program {program Args}}} {(C)}


  • n is the number of minutes of keyboard inactivity required before the session is logged off.
  • program is the name of a program to run before the session is logged off.
  • program args can be specified for program.
  • The (C option causes the name of the program that will be executed to be displayed.

# Notes

Inactivity is defined as a program waiting at an INPUT or IN statement.

If no program is specified when the AUTOLOGOUT command is issued, a program called ON.EXIT will be executed prior to the session being logged off. It is left to the user to define the functionality of ON.EXIT. To reset the auto logout, specify 0 for the number of minutes, or disconnect from jBASE and reconnect.

# Examples

jsh -->AUTOLOGOUT 10                         Automatic logout is set for 10 minutes.`
jsh -->AUTOLOGOUT 15 OFF                     Automatic logout is set for 15 minutes.Command to execute when invoked = 'OFF'`

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