# Tools & Utilities

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# The Regular Implements

AUTOLOGOUT Enables a session to be automatically logged off.
BREAK-KEY-ENABLE Enables the break key when executing jBASE programs.
BREAK-KEY-OFF Disables the break key when executing jBASE programs.
CLEAR-ITEM-LOCKS Clear a specific lock or all locks taken against a designated file.
CLEARSELECT Clear one or all select lists.
CHAR Displays a character conversion table.
CONTROL-CHARS Control whether or not the jBC INPUT statement accepts characters outside the printable range.
COMO Provides a means of recording all input and output from the terminal.
CP Utilizes the jBASE copy command to output records from a file to a spooler print job.
CREATE-ACCOUNT Enables the user to create a new account for use within the jBASE system.
CT Utilizes the jBASE copy command to output records from a file to the terminal.
DATE-FORMAT Sets or resets the jBASE international date format flag,
DB-PAUSE Pause operations to the jBASE database.
DB-RESUME Resume operations to the jBASE database.
DB-STATUS Check the status of jBASE databases, i.e running or paused.
DTX, XTD Utilities to convert, add, multiply, subtract and divide numeric decimal and hexadecimal values.
ECHO Sets or resets the jBASE echo enabled flag.
ERRMSG Displays system error message text/description.
HAD Displays any file in hexadecimal format. A hexadecimal offset can be specified from which to start the display as:

had -offset

HUSH Controls character echo of input and output in programs and procs.
JBACKUP Provides fast on-line backup facilities and can also be used to check file integrity.
JCHMOD Provides a mechanism to modify hash and directory file parameters.
JCOMP Compares two hashed files or directories.
JCOVER Application profiling tool.
JDIAG jBASE diagnostic tool.
JEXPORT Generates output of delimited values using jQL syntax.
JFB Generates formatted jBC source code listings.
JFILERESTORE Restores data from a backup created with jfilesave.
JFILESAVE A front-end to jbackup that simplifies backing up accounts defined in the SYSTEM file.
JFIND Provides the UNIX find capability for Windows.
JGREP Provides the UNIX grep capability for Windows.
JIMI jBASE Independent Metrics Integration.
JKEYAUTO Program control language.
JMSGBOX Message box display utility for Windows.
JPROF Enables developers to analyze applications to determine potential bottlenecks or trouble spots within the application code.
JRESTORE Provides fast on-line restores from the saves produced by the jbackup utility.
JRM JMV JDIR Remove, move, dir executables.
JSETKEY jBASE environment settings (jBASE 3 only).
JSHOW Displays locations of files, programs and subroutines.
JSTART Start processes.
JSONLINT Validates a JSON file.
JTIC jBASE terminfo compiler.
KEYS JKEYS Displays keyboard input.
LIBUTILS Shared library for terminal independent keyboard input.
LIST-OPEN-FILES Display a list of files open by port
LISTF Displays files in page format.
LISTQ Displays information about Q-pointer chains
LISTU Display information on users logged into jBASE.
LOGON/LOGOFF Execute a user login. Logoff another process.
MSG Send a message to other users using either port numbers or account/user ids.
MW42 Produces diagnostics of resource issues.
NOHUSH Sets the jBASE echo enabled flag. (jBASE 3 only).
OFF Close down all current jBASE programs.
SHOW-ITEM-LOCKS Displays details of items that are locked in jBASE hashed files.
SLEEP Causes a process to sleep either until a specified time or for a specified number of seconds.
SQLCATMAN Provides a means of updating the SQL Catalog lookup table used by ODBC.
SUBD Subtracts two decimal numbers.
SUBX Subtracts two hexadecimal numbers.
TANDEM The TANDEM command is not supported on jBASE.
TERM Enables users to specify different terminal types.
TIME Returns the system current time and date.
WHERE Displays information on processes executing jBASE programs.
WHO Displays the assigned port number and user for the current process.

# Additional Topics

CUSTOMIZING COMMANDS Customizing the Output of Commands.
ENCRYPTION File encryption and decryption.
JCOVER OUTPUT FILE Layout of the JCOVER output file

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