# Tape Commands

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Introduction Introduction to tape operation.
T-ATT Attachs or opens a tape device.
T-BCK Moves the tape backwards.
T-CHK Checks for parity errors.
T-DET Detaches tape devices.
T-DUMP Dumps records to a tape device.
T-ERASE Erases a tape.
T-FWD Moves the tape forwards.
T-LOAD Loads records from a tape device.
T-RDLBL Reads the tape label.
T-READ Reads and displays data from the tape.
T-RETENSION Retensions a physical tape.
T-REW Rewinds a tape device.
T-STATUS Displays the current status of attached tape devices.
T-UNLOAD Unloads the tape media.
T-WEOF Writes and end of file mark on the tape device.

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