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# Description

The command assigns or reassigns a formtype to a formqueue. It takes the general form:

SP-TYPE formqueue formtype


  • formqueue is the name of the formqueue for form type assignment.
  • formtype is the name of the formtype to be used for formqueue configuration.

To revert a formqueue to the default form type :

SP-TYPE formqueue -

# Note

  • Selecting LIST FORM TYPES from the SP-STATUS menu will display the FORMTYPES menu.
  • The FORMTYPES menu provides a display of the formqueues and their assigned formtypes. Menu options enable formtypes to be assigned to specific formqueues.
  • The formtype entries specify configuration parameters to be used by the despooler when despooling print jobs from a formqueue for example, banner information and format.
  • Formtype entries reside in the $JBCRELEASEDIR/config directory and use the naming convention jspform_formtype. For example, entering a value of abcd would expect to find formtype:
  • Formqueues that are not associated with a formtype use the definitions in the file jspform_deflt.

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