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# Description

The SP-NEWTAB command creates and initializes a new spooler structure. It takes the general form:


# Details

The default directory in which the spooler files are created is called jspooler in the directory defined by the JBCDATADIR environment variable. However, SP-NEWTAB allows a different directory to be specified by setting the JBCSPOOLERDIR environment variable. JBCSPOOLERDIR can also be used to create, and point to, other spoolers.

SP-NEWTAB allows security settings for form queues and print jobs. The default assignment is CREATOR however this can be changed within the SP-NEWTAB dialog or subsequently by using the commands SP-SECURITY, SP-SECURITY-JOBS, SP-SECURITY-OWNER and SP-SECURITY-QUEUE. Please refer to the documentation for a full discussion of the security settings.

The default form queue STANDARD is re-initialized with a LPTR device type on UNIX type systems.

# Note

SP-NEWTAB removes all print jobs and form queues. The STANDARD form queue is recreated as follows:

On UNIX type systems, the STANDARD form queue is re-initialized with a LPTR device type and attempts to determine a default device.

On Windows, the STANDARD form queue is re-initialized with a PROG device type that utilizes the Windows default printer. This printer must support text-based printing however additional printing capabilities, such as producing PDF output, can be achieved with third party products. An example of this is in the %JBCRELEAEDIR%\samples\Spooler folder.

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