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The jBASE Spooler
Introduction Introduction to the jBASE spooler.
Initialization Initializing the jBASE spooler.
Structure How the jBASE Spooler works
Security Spooler security mechanisms.
Job Numbers Assigning and determining print job numbers.
jlp jBASE equivalent of 'lp'
jsp_scan Scan and repair utility.
LISTPEQS Displays print job information.
LISTPTR Displays form queue information.
PORT-DESPOOL Despools print jobs to a printer or a terminal.
REST-SPOOLER Restarts spooler demons.
RESTARTING Restarting individual spooler processes.
SP-ALIGN Allows forms alignment prior to despooling.
SP-ASSIGN Specifies a formqueue for spooler jobs.
SP-CLEAR Clears a formqueue of queued print jobs.
SP-CLOSE Closes a global print job.
SP-COPIES Changes the number of copies assigned to a print job.
SP-CREATE Creates and assigns a formqueue to a logical device type.
SP-DELETE Deletes a list of print jobs.
SP-DEVICE Reassigns a logical device type to a formqueue.
SP-EDIT Edits a list of print jobs.
SP-EJECT Creates a print job containing form feeds.
SP-FORM Renames an existing formqueue.
SP-FQDELETE Deletes a formqueue.
SP-FQSCRIPT Creates a script to regenerate the current spooler configuration.
SP-JOBS Manipulates and displays status of print jobs.
SP-KILL Stops despooling of the current print job.
SP-LOOK Displays your current spooler assignments.
SP-LIST List the spooler configuration.
SP-MOVEQ Moves all print jobs from one formqueue to another.
SP-NEWTAB Creates a new spooler.
SP-OPEN Opens a global print job.
SP-OPTS Changes the spooler assignment options assigned to a print job.
SP-PRIORITY Moves a print job to the head of the formqueue.
SP-PURGEQ Purges a formqueue of a print jobs.
SP-RESUME Resumes despooling from a formqueue.
SP-SECURITY Invokes the spooler security menu.
SP-SECURITY-JOBS Modifies the security status of print jobs.
SP-SECURITY-OWNER Defines alternate owners of the spooler.
SP-SECURITY-QUEUE Modifies the security state of a formqueue.
SP-SHUTDOWN Shuts down all the jBASE printrer demons.
SP-SKIP Changes the number of blank pages to eject at the end of each print job.
SP-STATUS Invokes the SP-STATUS menu.
SP-STOP Stops despooling from a formqueue.
SP-SUSPEND Suspends despooling a print job.
SP-SWITCH Moves a print jobs to a specified formqueue.
SP-TAPEOUT Requeues spooled print jobs on a tape to the current formqueue assignment.
SP-TRANSLATE Changes the translation table entry for the specified formqueue.
SP-TYPE Assigns a formtype to a formqueue.

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