# jBASE Spooler Introduction

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# Description

The following commands are provided by the jBASE spooler, all menu options are also provided as separate executables for command line execution.

Command Description
SP-ASSIGN =F0 Assign to formqueue name F0
SP-ASSIGN F0 Assign to formqueue zero as queuename F0
SP-ASSIGN Q0 Assign to formqueue zero as queuename Q0
LISTPTR Display status of all printer numbers/queues.
LISTPEQS Display status of all print jobs
SP-JOBS Display status of all print jobs
SP-EDIT Edit print job for despooling
SP-OPEN Open print job
SP-CLOSE Close print job
SP-PURGE Clear jobs when all else fails
SP-STATUS Display status of all printer queues

A jspprint despooler dequeues print jobs from each assigned queuename.

The jBASE command jlp can also be used to print files directly or from stdin. e.g.

jlp FileName
echo Output | jlp

Spooler information can also be obtained directly using the following jspstatus functions :

jspstatus 1 Display device information. Option (R displays real user ids )
jspstatus 2 Display print job information
jspstatus 3 Display assignment information
jspstatus 4 Display open job information
[SP-NEWTAB](../sp-newtab/README.md) - Creates a new spooler.
[REST-SPOOLER](../restarting-the-spooler/README.md) - Restart all spooler queues.

# Note

As of jBASE 5.8.2, any action that creates a new form queue or changes an existing form queue, updates a script that can be used to regenerate the spooler configuration.

The name of the script is create-form-queues on Linux/AIX and create-form-queues.bat on Windows and is stored under the jspooler directory.

The script:

  • does not set any spooler security settings.
  • can be edited to ensure that the spooler queues are created as desired.
  • can be generated manually with the sp-fqscript command.

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