# jBASE 5.7.9 Release notes

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This release includes various internal bug fixes and the following enhancements and patches:

# Patches

  • PN720 - jQL: Memory Leak creating an index with an A-correlative.
  • PN779 - jQL - Query using range criteria on right-justified dictionaries with alphanumeric values does not sort correctly.
  • PN797 - jQL: ACCESS(6) is not being updated for each value when using BY-EXP.
  • PN810 - jQL: A Sum operation of an A or F correlative operates on the entire attribute when it should be operating on each multi-value and, depending on the emulation, each sub-value.
  • PN811 - jQL: Erroneous text appears on BREAK-ONE line.
  • PN812 - jQL: Dictionary subroutine not operating on sub-values.
  • PN813 - jQL: Math operations in D3 emulation should treat null as 0.
  • PN818 - jQL: Listing multi-valued/sub-valued data returns the wrong delimiters
  • PN828 - jQL: In D3 emulation, underlining of BREAK-ON totals is the default.
  • PN845 - jQL: Conversion is processed in a named-attribute.
  • PN846 - jQL: A query involving F and A correlatives with an attribute pointing to a sub-value list hangs.
  • PN882 - jQL: BREAK-ON issue when only one detail line [D3 emulation].
  • PN884 - jQL erroneously repeating multi-values.
  • PN885 - jBC: Output of BASIC command different on Windows vs Linux.
  • PN886 - jQL: Calling subroutine on attribute 7 returns incorrect value.
  • PN887 - jQL: Problem with SELECT and controlling attributes.
  • PN892 - jQL: access(6) not returning the correct value in D3 emulation.
  • PN895 - jQL: BY-EXP sort is case sensitive.
  • PN896 - New option for jdiag to append config-strings information to jdiag.out.
  • PN906 - Add the ability to temporarily run a program as unlicensed.
  • PN911 - "&SAVEDLISTS&" argument not accepted by PROC/U01AD.
  • PN967 - jQL: Exploded sort causes single value data issue.
  • PN976 - jQL: BREAK-ON totals accumulate.
  • PN980 - jQL: Nulls are converted to zero when using a substring in A/F correlatives
  • PN985 - Make end a synonym of clearselect

# Notes

There have been several new configuration options added to the D3 emulation.
If you are running with a variant of our D3 emulation (or any custom emulation based on a standard one), then the best way forward would be to change your emulation settings to something similar to, for example, the following:

   dup = d3
   named_common = unassigned
   md_int_only = true
   md_int_only_emulate_jbase3 = true

In this example, the dup = d3 entry will inherit all configuration options in the d3 section.
If the d3 section contains any dup entries then they will also be inherited, and so on.
All other configuration settings below the dup line are either new or will override the inherited setting.

This will ensure that you continue to make use of any changes made to the standard D3 emulation.

The modifications you employ may be different that those above.

Use the config-strings command to review your configuration.

# New Commands

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