# PN5_60964

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# Description

Util: ACCOUNT-SAVE duplicates saving distributed files

# Previous Release Behavior

When ACCOUNT-SAVE encounters a distributed file, it saves the whole distributed file as well as the part files separately.

# Current Release Behavior

Only the part files are saved.

The jBASE distributed file stub is not saved because distributed files are implemented differently on other multi-value platforms. Therefore it will be necessary to reassemble the distributed file on the target system.

# Notes

When a distributed file is created on jBASE, the dictionary of the distributed file is automatically set to not be saved by ACCOUNT-SAVE. If you wish for these files to saved then there are 2 options:

  1. use the ACCOUNT-SAVE (O option to override the "no backup" flag

  2. use jchmod +B on an individual file, e.g. jchmod +B TESTFILE]D

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