# PN5_60932

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# Description

jBTP: Behavior of PH-START using T option misleading on Windows

# Previous Release Behavior

Using the T option with PH-START on Windows gave the impression that the job was being run in the background.

The reality is that Windows does not have the ability to run a process in the background and display the output in the foreground.

Additionally, the message that PH-START displayed indicated that the job was run on a line number (port) from the pool of PH-LINES line numbers. But, in fact, it actually runs on the same port number.

# Current Release Behavior

  1. The online documentation for the PH-START T option has been updated to reflect the actual behavior on Windows.

  2. When PH-START is run with the T option on Windows, the TASK statement that displays has been changed to show the actual port number that it runs on rather than the line number from PH-LINES. So, for example, instead of:

TASK STARTED ON LINE 1000 FOR ACCOUNT Administrator Id 1893932350LHJF

now displays:

TASK STARTED ON LINE 6 FOR ACCOUNT Administrator Id 1893932350LHJF

In this case, it was port number 6 that the process ran on when the T option was used.

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