# PN5_60911

Updated: 1/18/2022, 5:31:44 PM
Created: 1/18/2022, 5:31:44 PM
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# Description

Prevent a program aborting due to a SIGTERM being sent to the process while doing a SELECT through a dynamic file. The select can be any method, for example using the jQL SELECT command, or in jBC use OPEN/SELECT/READNEXT.

# Previous Release Behavior

When selecting a dynamic file, due to timing considerations, we could very occasionally have a SIGTERM sent to the process causing the process to terminate prematurely.

You would typically see this on a terminal

Process ID 2202 , port 1 , process killed by operator
  Program source name test2.jabba , line 11

This was a very rare occurence, and the only time we have seen it (and been able to reproduce it) is when you have a large dynamic file (e.g. 500MB) where most of the items have been deleted but the file remains large.

# Current Release Behavior

The same test program now runs to completion error free.

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