# jBASE 5.7.4 Release Notes

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This release includes various internal bug fixes and the following enhancements and patches:

# Patches

  • PN5_60894 - listf -xml does not work on Linux
  • PN5_60899 - New options for jbase_agent: -d,-a,-J[dDpr]
  • PN5_60900 - Add extensions to Dynamic Objects per RFC 7159
  • PN5_60902 - Distributed Files: Add new error messages to enable failures to be better reported
  • PN5_60904 - Spooler corruption on shutdown
  • PN5_60907 - CREATE-FILE TYPE=JBC needs to create a dictionary for the source code
  • PN5_60908 - Enhance the DECATALOG command to delete the intermediate object code that gets generated when a program is compiled
  • PN5_60909 - Change how admin privileges are checked in Windows
  • PN5_60910 - Add jDLS status to jdiag output when using -s or -v option (show services)
  • PN5_60911 - Prevent a program aborting while doing a SELECT through a Dynamic File
  • PN5_60913 - Remove the restriction which prevents 2 or more copies of jlogdup restoring to the same machine simultaneously
  • PN5_60914 - GET-LIST in a Proc produced incorrect results in D3 emulation
  • PN5_60915 - Transaction Journaling: Prevent a segmentation violation when one of the log sets could not be accessed
  • PN5_60916 - Optimize select-list output when the list contains a large number of multi-values (> 100,000)
  • PN5_60917 - Spooler: SP-CREATE Fnn creates form queues with the wrong queue number
  • PN5_60919 - Licensing: Multi-session licenses limited to 255 sessions and up to 255 licenses per session

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