# PN5_60835

Updated: 1/18/2022, 5:31:44 PM
Created: 1/18/2022, 5:31:44 PM
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# Description

Support the D3 file syntax of "account,file,"

# Previous Release Behavior

The syntax was not supported

# Current Release Behavior

The syntax is now supported. You must have a trailing comma for the syntax to work.

This syntax is only valid if the following option is included in your emulation file Config_EMULATE

   d3_file_path = true

As of jBASE 5.7.3, now allows DICT to be specified, also improved parsing of data section and multi-section name.

For example, this is supported:

ED dict D3TST,CUSTOMERS,            // Edit the DICT section of the CUSTOMERS file in account D3TST

ED D3TST,CUSTOMERS,2001,         // Edit section 2001 of the CUSTOMERS file in account D3TST

By default, on new installations, any user with the emulation set to D3 will automatically get this option. For non-D3 users, or those with a previous version of Config_EMULATE, you will need to add this manually if required.

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