# jBASE 5.7.1 Release Notes

Updated: 11/30/2021, 7:00:45 PM
Created: 11/30/2021, 7:00:45 PM
Last Updated By: Jake Tuttle
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# Patches

  • PN5_60750 - jBASE hangs when run from java
  • PN5_60751 - Improve the case insensitivity option for the compiler
  • PN5_60752 - Prevent the compiler giving 'Unassigned Variable' warnings for the parameters passed with DEFFUN()
  • PN5_60753 - Support $INSERT and INSERT as compiler directives
  • PN5_60754 - jQL: Issues with F-correlative only returning the first multi-value in ROS emulation
  • PN5_60757 - PRINTER CLOSE prevents the FOOTING text from being printed on the last page of a print job
  • PN5_60758 - Debugger: Provide more accurate line numbers in the CASE statement
  • PN5_60762 - Allow BREAK-KEY-ON and BREAK-KEY-OFF to specify a port number
  • PN5_60763 - jQL: Segmentation Violation scenario with a dictionary subroutine call
  • PN5_60764 - Support DEFFUN with no parameters and no parenthesis
  • PN5_60765 - Correct a problem that when a CALL fails, the name displayed could become corrupted
  • PN5_60766 - Support self as a synonym for this
  • PN5_60767 - Running jrf on an encrypted file decrypts the file
  • PN5_60769 - jBC: Add support for the STOPM and STOPE commands
  • PN5_60770 - Rationalise the way we set compiler options
  • PN5_60771 - jBC: Add @PIB
  • PN5_60772 - Add the syntax => and =< to the compiler
  • PN5_60773 - The jshow command does not resolve filenames entered as filename,datasection
  • PN5_60774 - CATALOG corrupts shared objects when user does not have permissions on lib/obj
  • PN5_60775 - Provide case insensitivity for IF statement comparisons
  • PN5_60777 - New security paradigm for jBASE files and utilities
  • PN5_60778 - Error using IH! in a PQ proc
  • PN5_60779 - PortBas issue with CASING OFF
  • PN5_60780 - MINIMUM() function returns incorrect results when there are null elements in the dynamic array
  • PN5_60781 - The jRF command, with no arguments, should not process all files in the current directory
  • PN5_60782 - Fix issue with associations and default dictionary tree
  • PN5_60783 - JQL: Selection criteria on date conversion fails on multi-value field
  • PN5_60784 - jQL: Commas in conversion changes sort to left justified in BY / BY-DSND
  • PN5_60785 - jQL: EACH/EVERY modifier caused some queries to not return any results
  • PN5_60786 - SQL: Issue with I-descriptors and ODBC
  • PN5_60787 - Paragraphs with "N" in attribute 1 do not get called with LOGTO
  • PN5_60788 - jQL: Grand totals longer than the defined column width were being truncated
  • PN5_60789 - The jBC code translator does not handle literal @VMs in the code
  • PN5_60791 - Prevent jlogdup from running out of resources
  • PN5_60792 - Prevent a memory error when an INPUT statement has a control character
  • PN5_60793 - jQL crashes when supplied a list of more than 255 values when querying via an index
  • PN5_60794 - jed/ED crashes with 'generic_universe' or 'generic_unidata' using exploded select-list
  • PN5_60796 - jQL: Dictionary conversions are being pre-processed
  • PN5_60797 - jQL: Issue with indexes and using wildcards with record keys
  • PN5_60799 - jQL fails to select record keys using NE operator on a case insensitive file
  • PN5_60800 - jQL: Using the keyword LIKE on a case insensitive file does not return correct result
  • PN5_60802 - jQL: No output using controlling/dependent associations with a limiting expression
  • PN5_60803 - Q-pointer casing issue
  • PN5_60804 - Enhance the PortBas command to tag all changes
  • PN5_60805 - jQL: Sorting by default "inbuilt" ID column ignores justification
  • PN5_60806 - jAgent / jRemote to handle functions in a different class than subroutines
  • PN5_60810 - jQL: NU conversion, which returns the last update date of a record, not working
  • PN5_60811 - Enhance the COMO command to allow the user to specify the directory for the COMO log entries

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