# PN5_60672

Updated: 1/18/2022, 5:31:44 PM
Created: 1/18/2022, 5:31:44 PM
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# Description

Spooler: New command to create a script for regenerating the spooler form queue definitions

# Previous Release Behavior

In a situation where the spooler had to be rebuilt, there was no intrinsic utility to regenerate the form queue definitions.

# Current Release Behavior

This release features a new command, sp-fqscript, which creates a script from the current spooler configuration. This script can be used to regenerate the spooler form queue definitions after running SP-NEWTAB and setting the default security options.

The script is written in the current directory and it's name is:

create-form-queues      [Unix/Linux]
create-form-queues.bat  [Windows]

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