# jBASE 5.7.0 Release Notes

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# Patches

  • PN5_60652 - Enhancements to the jShell dot stacker
  • PN5_60653 - Implement memory-based I/O operations
  • PN5_60654 - Change the way the MD is created with the create-account command
  • PN5_60655 - OCONV() difference in Sequoia emulation
  • PN5_60656 - Add an option to the jshow command to display information about the jBASE system
  • PN5_60657 - Stop the compiler from adjusting the casing of a subroutine
  • PN5_60658 - jQL: I-type dictionaries do not recognize @TM
  • PN5_60661 - jQL: Unable to get Value Number from exploded sort using a dictionary subroutine
  • PN5_60662 - jQL: Unable to get Value Number from exploded sort using an A-type (10-line) dictionary
  • PN5_60663 - jQL: Unable to get Value Number from exploded sort using an I-type; @NV not recognized
  • PN5_60666- jQL: The use of LIST would cause a memory leak
  • PN5_60668 - New commands to list or regenerate all indexes and triggers from all files in an account
  • PN5_60672 - Spooler: New command to create a script for regenerating spooler form queue definitions
  • PN5_60673 - Spooler: Create new FILE device type to send output to an Operating System file
  • PN5_60678 - Implement Dynamic Sizing files
  • PN5_60679 - Add an option to the create-account command to set the emulation for the account
  • PN5_60680 - jQL: Multiple BREAK-ON "'P'" clauses produce multiple page breaks
  • PN5_60681 - jQL: MCC conversion code issues
  • PN5_60682 - jQL: Unable to get Value Number from exploded sort if byexp_mv_dup_like_d3 is enabled
  • PN5_60683 - SQL: JOIN issue, some JOINs would fail
  • PN5_60684 - mw42 drops to the debugger when an invalid option is supplied as the first argument
  • PN5_60685 - QSELECT and FORM-LIST commands do not allow quoted arguments without spaces between the arguments
  • PN5_60686 - TERM settings don't persist
  • PN5_60688 - Unable to stack KEY-SELECTs
  • PN5_60689 - Setting log_runtime_errors = true configuration option causes all messages from the jbcmessages file to be logged
  • PN5_60690 - Spooler: SETPTR doesn't inherit Hold status from SP-ASSIGN
  • PN5_60691 - jRClient: JIndex start position ignored
  • PN5_60692 - jQL: Segmentation Violation scenario with a dictionary subroutine call
  • PN5_60694 - Spooler: The SETPTR banner does not persist after being set by a previous SETPTR
  • PN5_60695 - Telnet: Update terminfo definitions
  • PN5_60696 - Correct TJ memory access violations when the record key or transaction information exceeds 16k
  • PN5_60697 - Indexes: A-correlative issue with missing semi-colon
  • PN5_60698 - Allow HEADING to use case insensitive special characters
  • PN5_60699 - Execution of PROCs to pass back the values to the SETTING variable
  • PN5_60700 - Execution of Paragraphs to pass back the values to the SETTING variable
  • PN5_60701 - jDLS -L does not display the lock table
  • PN5_60702 - jQL crashes when TOTAL'ing an A;IF/THEN in dict<7>
  • PN5_60703 - Indexes: Lookup conversion codes (other than times and dates) are not applied to queries
  • PN5_60704 - Suppress character echo on input
  • PN5_60705 - SQL: Extended ACSII characters using SQLSELECT
  • PN5_60706 - jQL: Issue with using duplicate association member in queries
  • PN5_60707 - jQL: Date with embedded conversions produce wrong results
  • PN5_60708 - Transaction Journaling: The jlogdup command does not accept a select-list to control what is restored
  • PN5_60709 - Allow jdiag to recognize the emulation from files of the form: Config_EMULATE_name
  • PN5_60710 - jQL: NI operand returns zero
  • PN5_60713 - jbase_agent not working as a service on Windows
  • PN5_60714 - jBC code with END followed by a comment would not compile
  • PN5_60715 - CREATE-FILE reports the wrong filename for the data section
  • PN5_60716 - Add optional parameters to REGEXP() for case insensivity
  • PN5_60717 - jshow enhancements
  • PN5_60718 - Allow Dynamic Objects to interact with the database
  • PN5_60720 - Unable to access encrypted Dynamic Files with Q- and F-pointers
  • PN5_60721 - jQL: ID-SUPP kills session when used on a query that uses a dictionary with an association
  • PN5_60722 - jAgent: Add new convenience options to jbase_agent
  • PN5_60723 - FOOTING statement creates second print job after PRINTER CLOSE
  • PN5_60725 - jBC: Allow the jBC debugger to access EQUATE'd variables
  • PN5_60728 - jrestore not restoring all records in D3 emulation
  • PN5_60733 - Paragraphs: Inline prompts on comment lines not processed in the correct sequence
  • PN5_60738 - Add an option to the config-strings command to display output in Config_EMULATE format
  • PN5_60744 - New command to generate output of delimited values using jQL syntax
  • PN5_60746 - jQL: Repeat function with A/F-correlatives only processes first multi-value
  • PN5_60747 - Utilities: The config-stringscommand failed to display emulation lines after commented lines
  • PN5_60748 - jDLS not respecting port-based locking on Windows

# New Commands

# New jBC Statements

# New Modules

# Changes to Current Behavior

  • PN5_60722- jAgent: Add new convenience options to jbase_agent
    • Previous "--config <path_to_config> "
    • New "--config=<path_to_config>"

# Changes to Commands

# Changes to jBC

# Statements/Functions

# Additional Notes

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