# jBASE 5.7.9 Release notes

Updated: 10/19/2020, 10:24:56 AM
Created: 10/19/2020, 10:24:56 AM
Last Updated By: Daniel Klein
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This release includes various internal bug fixes and the following enhancements and patches:

# Patches

  • PN720 - jQL: Memory Leak creating an index with an A-correlative.
  • PN779 - jQL - Query using range criteria on right-justified dictionaries with alphanumeric values does not sort correctly.
  • PN797 - jQL: ACCESS(6) is not being updated for each value when using BY-EXP.
  • PN810 - jQL: A Sum operation of an A or F correlative operates on the entire attribute when it should be operating on each multi-value and, depending on the emulation, each sub-value.
  • PN811 - jQL: Erroneous text appears on BREAK-ONE line.
  • PN812 - jQL: Dictionary subroutine not operating on sub-values.
  • PN813 - jQL: Math operations in D3 emulation should treat null as 0.
  • PN818 - jQL: Listing multi-valued/sub-valued data returns the wrong delimiters
  • PN828 - jQL: In D3 emulation, underlining of BREAK-ON totals is the default.
  • PN845 - jQL: Conversion is processed in a named-attribute.
  • PN846 - jQL: A query involving F and A correlatives with an attribute pointing to a sub-value list hangs.
  • PN882 - jQL: BREAK-ON issue when only one detail line [D3 emulation].
  • PN884 - jQL erroneously repeating multi-values.
  • PN885 - jBC: Output of BASIC command different on Windows vs Linux.
  • PN886 - jQL: Calling subroutine on attribute 7 returns incorrect value.
  • PN887 - jQL: Problem with SELECT and controlling attributes.
  • PN892 - jQL: access(6) not returning the correct value in D3 emulation.
  • PN895 - jQL: BY-EXP sort is case sensitive.
  • PN896 - New option for jdiag to append config-strings information to jdiag.out.
  • PN906 - Add the ability to temporarily run a program as unlicensed.
  • PN911 - "&SAVEDLISTS&" argument not accepted by PROC/U01AD.
  • PN967 - jQL: Exploded sort causes single value data issue.

# Notes

There have been several new configuration options added to the D3 emulation.
If you are running with a variant of our D3 emulation, then the best way forward would be to change your emulation settings to something similar to the following:

   dup = d3
   named_common = unassigned
   md_int_only = true
   md_int_only_emulate_jbase3 = true

This will ensure that you continue to make use of any changes made to the standard D3 emulation.
The modifications you employ may be different that those above.

# New Commands

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