# PN797

Updated: 10/23/2020, 1:48:27 PM
Created: 10/23/2020, 1:48:27 PM
Last Updated By: Mike Street
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# Description

jQL: ACCESS(6) is not being updated for each multi-value when using BY-EXP

# Previous Release Behavior

In a case-insensitive emulation, a dictionary calling a subroutine should set the whole record in ACCESS(3) and the current multi-value in ACCESS(6) when using BY-EXP on a multi-valued field.

ACCESS(3) would only hold the relevant MV from the BY-EXP for each attribute and ACCESS(6) would always be 1.

# Current Release Behavior

ACCESS(3) now holds the full item and ACCESS(6) the BY-EXP pos.

# Notes

This behavior is dependent on the configuration option generic_d3 = true

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