# jBASE 5.7.8 Release notes

Updated: 9/18/2020, 6:16:41 AM
Created: 9/18/2020, 6:16:41 AM
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This release includes various internal bug fixes and the following enhancements and patches:

# Patches

  • PN756 - Change default spooler security
  • PN770 - jQL: A-correlative with N(dict) using a translate does not return all multi-values
  • PN773 - jQL: T-correlative causes memory error
  • PN776 - jQL: Multiple Controlling/Dependent instances cause jQL to hang
  • PN779 - jQL: Missing results sorting on an alphanumeric field
  • PN797 - jQL: ACCESS(6) is not being updated for each multi-value when using BY-EXP
  • PN781 - jshow does not recognize Nouns in the MD
  • PN782 - jQL: Spaces handled incorrectly in A-correlative
  • PN791 - jQL: Nested A-correlative aborts process
  • PN810 - jQL: SUM correlative function behaves differently in D3
  • PN813 - jQL: Math operations in D3 emulation should treat null as 0
  • PN816 - jrestore fails on large OS files
  • PN818 - jQL: Listing multi-valued/sub-valued data returns the wrong delimiters
  • PN829 - Unable to CATALOG subroutines in a case insensitive manner

# New Commands


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