# jBASE 5.7.7 Release notes

Updated: 9/28/2020, 10:32:47 PM
Created: 9/28/2020, 10:32:47 PM
Last Updated By: Peter Schellenbach
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This release includes various internal bug fixes and the following enhancements and patches:

# Patches

  • PN614 - F-correlative repeat issue
  • PN620 - CREATE-INDEX issue when using conversion codes
  • PN662 - jshow on Windows returns null if the path has a ")" character in it
  • PN680 - Issue with jRemote switchAccount
  • PN703 - Hostname Length Restriction
  • PN707 - Quick succession of PH-START will try to use the same port and fail
  • PN708 - Case insensitivity issue with CATALOG/DECATALOG of subroutines/functions/methods
  • PN712 - Slow jQL with Audit Logging
  • PN713 - PORTBAS problem with C option and strings with reserved words

# New Commands


# New jBC Statements or Functions

for iterator

# New Dynamic Objects Classes and Methods

# To be supplied

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