# PN5_60892

Updated: 8/3/2020, 5:48:21 PM
Created: 8/3/2020, 5:48:21 PM
Last Updated By: Patrick Payne
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# Description

New environment variable to ignore EDICT flags and jDP_Options

# Previous Release Behavior

Using SQLSELECT or JODBC to retrieve a column which had a conversion in the dictionary item could display the data incorrectly due to the existence of certain EDICT flags or the jDP_Options item in the dictionary.

# Current Release

A new environment variable, JSQL_IGNORE_JDPFLAGS, causes the EDICT flags and the jDP_Options item to be ignored. Set the environment variable as follows:

set JSQL_IGNORE_JDPFLAGS=1     [Windows]

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