# PN5_60869

Updated: 8/3/2020, 5:48:21 PM
Created: 8/3/2020, 5:48:21 PM
Last Updated By: Patrick Payne
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# Description

CREATE-ACCOUNT does not respect JEDI_PREFILEOP when it creates the MD

# Previous Release Behavior

By default, the CREATE-ACCOUNT command creates the MD as type JD (Dynamic).

Setting JEDI_PREFILEOP with a type of JP or J4 would cause CREATE-ACCOUNT to produce the following error when it attempted to create the MD:

Failed to create MD in new account!
[ 416 ] Illegal or missing modulo or separation

# Current Release Behavior

The type of the MD can now be overridden with JEDI_PREFILEOP but only as types JP or J4.

The default is still type JD if JEDI_PREFILEOP is not used.

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