# jBASE 5.6.3 Release Notes

Updated: 9/28/2020, 10:32:47 PM
Created: 9/28/2020, 10:32:47 PM
Last Updated By: Peter Schellenbach
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# Patches

  • PN5_60581 - Allow "!" to execute Operating System (OS) commands in Procs and Paragraphs
  • PN5_60582 - New environment variable to configure the jShell command stack history and/or specify a username based stack
  • PN5_60583 - Allow attribute 1 in F-pointers and PQ/PQN/PA/PR items to be caseless
  • PN5_60584 - jQL: Allow [Ann] style default dictionaries for d3 emulation
  • PN5_60586 - jQL: Process malformed A-correlatives with missing semi-colons
  • PN5_60587 - jQL: Prevent hidden columns from corrupting totals of other columns
  • PN5_60589 - Case Independence: jQL and Secondary Index issue
  • PN5_60591 - jQL: Issue with A/F correlative using Repeat function
  • PN5_60592 - A jQL statement with more that 3 BREAK-ONs corrupts totals
  • PN5_60593 - jBC: D3 style input timeout
  • PN5_60594 - jBC: Map SYSTEM() functions for D3 compatibility
  • PN5_60595 - Prevent the jShell dot-stacker commands from clashing with user commands
  • PN5_60597 - Spooler enhancement to be able to assign the port number range for jlp print processes
  • PN5_60598 - File cache not getting rebuilt when changing directories
  • PN5_60599 - Add support for large records when using ACCOUNT-SAVE and ACCOUNT-RESTORE commands
  • PN5_60600 - Remove 'root' requirement from the jInstallKey command
  • PN5_60601 - Unable to add or update multisession or websession evaluation licenses with the jLicenseUpgrade command
  • PN5_60602 - jInstallKey incapable of stacking multiple licenses
  • PN5_60603 - Make jPlus the default file type when creating files
  • PN5_60604 - Allow compiler directives to be used as variables
  • PN5_60605 - jBASE who command conflict with Unix/Linux who
  • PN5_60606 - Allow AND-LISTS, OR-LISTS, XOR-LISTS to accept 1 list
  • PN5_60607 - Implement D3 style list processing commands
  • PN5_60608 - Fix a performance issue with the LOCKED clause
  • PN5_60609 - Correct the behavior of SYSTEM(0) for D3 emulation
  • PN5_60613 - Case Independence: Code formatter not handling certain variables correctly
  • PN5_60614 - Improve the case insensitive handling of subroutine calls
  • PN5_60615 - jBC: Parenthetical expressions misinterpreted as DIMensioned arrays instead of format strings
  • PN5_60617 - Casing issue with IF statement in combination with the LOCATE() function
  • PN5_60618 - PortBas issue - Reserved words following a ";" ignored
  • PN5_60619 - jbase_agent accepts invalid port ranges, less than 1025 and greater than 65535
  • PN5_60620 - Add option to jFormatCode to allow DIMensioned arrays to be treated like dynamic arrays
  • PN5_60621 - jFormateCode to move semi-colon separated INCLUDEs to a dedicated lines
  • PN5_60622 - jFormatCode to parse out expressions that are used in the LOCATE statement and LOCATE() function
  • PN5_60623 - Enhancement to make "N" a synonym of "PA" in Paragraphs
  • PN5_60624 - jQL: Date and Time conversion codes are not case insensitive
  • PN5_60625 - Active select-list not retained after invoking SPOOLER() function
  • PN5_60626 - Lift 2gb limit on index files
  • PN5_60627 - Allow the jsh prompt to be configured via an environment variable
  • PN5_60628 - jQL: Incorrect output from mismatched multi-values using the Repeat function
  • PN5_60629 - ICONV doesn't strip leading zeros when the number to be converted is a string
  • PN5_60630 - Minor issues with the new JPP2 pre-compiler
  • PN5_60631 - Case Independence: Correct a number of functions that failed if an argument was not a string
  • PN5_60632 - Reduce default spooler sleep time
  • PN5_60633 - A program could go into a CPU loop on Linux/Unix system if a / (forward slash) was present in the file name
  • PN5_60634 - Distributed files give a "DISTRIB: Reentrant call to Jedi Distributed file driver" message.
  • PN5_60635 - jQL not processing sub-values in calculations
  • PN5_60636 - jBC: Record locking not case insensitive
  • PN5_60637 - Locks would remain after a file is closed
  • PN5_60638 - The jrf command leaves temporary index file in directory
  • PN5_60640 - jQL not processing multi-values
  • PN5_60642 - Don't stack the command that initiates the dot-stacker
  • PN5_60643 - jQL: Incorrect BREAK-ON totals and formatting at major break levels
  • PN5_60644 - Add a new file type JBC to the CREATE-FILE command
  • PN5_60645 - New command viewindex to view a jBASE Secondary Index
  • PN5_60646 - jQL not correctly processing statements using both FMT and CONV
  • PN5_60647 - SP-ASSIGN resets list pointer
  • PN5_60648 - Stale header data in JP files (Error number 2017)

# New Commands

# New jBC Statements

# New Modules

# Changes to Current Behavior

  • The U option of the jchmod command has been deprecated. Case insensitive files must be created with CREATE-FILE command, e.g. CREATE-FILE BOOKS 11 101 CASE=FALSE
  • Default spooler sleep time reduced to 5 seconds, was 30 seconds (see patch PN5_60632)

# Changes to Commands

  • New JBC file type added to the CREATE-FILE command (see patch PN5_60644)

# Changes to jBC

# Statements/Functions

# Additional Notes