# Migrating to jBASE: Preparation

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# Description

This article and accompanying video will provide you with an overview of steps and questions or a checklist to be reviewed an answered as preparation for a migration to jBASE.

# Source

  1. Where is it?
    • It is usual to locate source in development accounts, but it may be mixed with data.
  2. What is it?
    • Basic, Proc, Paragraphs, Macros, Scripts, Other.
  3. Who's is it?
    • Third Party Software.
  4. Do you have the source code and is it readable?
    • Is encryption/decryption part of the product?
    • Are some programs running, but have no source?
  5. Licensing?
    • Do you have license to move the source?

# Data

  1. Where is it?
    • Single account or spread over multiple accounts.
  2. How big is it?
    • Single tape or multiple tape or network transfer.

# Security / Users

  1. What level of security do you want?
    1. Do you currently secure files at the O/S level?  (Usually only available on U2 type systems)
    2. Do you want to secure them?
  2. Where are users based?
    • Do you have O/S level users or one single user entry point at that level?
    • Do you have multiple database users?  e.g. D3 Users
    • Does your application have its own users?

# Connectivity / Devices

  1. How do your applications use connectivity?
    • Input/Output data via tcp ports?
    • remote data connections? (nfs/super-qpoint)
  2. How do end-users and devices connect?
    • Terminal Telnet/SSH connections?
    • Printer connections?
    • Special Device?

# Transfer

  1. How should you backup your existing system for initial transfer?
    • See Restoring data section for details on your platform/database
    • Consider the physical devices needed such as tape or disk space for backup files
    • Consider method for transfer of backup to new platform
  2. How should you refresh this data during the migration process?
    • Can programs and other source items altered for migration be segregated?
    • How often will you be needing "refreshed" data?
  3. How will you transfer for the LIVE jBASE conversion?
    • Consider amount of downtime needed for final transfer
    • Can some historical files be restored ahead of go-live?

# Prep the new server

  1. Where will your jBASE source and data reside?
    • The jBASE installer will install jBASE and prerequisites for it
    • It is usually best to create a file system or drive specifically for the jBASE data
  2. Review the Security/Users section and prep the new system to match
  3. Be sure inter-machine connectivity and devices work with the new server

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