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# Description

Retrieves a previously stored list and makes it the current active (default) list. It takes the general form:

GET-LIST {list-name {account-name}}


  • list-name specifies the name of the list to be retrieved. If you do not specify a list name, the default list will be used.
  • account-name is the name of the account from which the list was saved. If you do not specify account-name, the system will use the current account name.

# Note #1

The GET-LIST command is used to retrieve a list previously stored using the SAVE-LIST command or the jBC WRITELIST statement. If the list is retrieved successfully, it will become the current active (default) list and will be inherited by the next jBASE command or program.

# Example

200 Records selected

Retrieves a list named A.SALES and generates an active list. You can then issue a subsequent command such as LIST SALES which will use the active list.

If d3_list_processing = true is set in the $JBCRELEASEDIR/config/Config_EMULATE file then the command retrieves previously stored lists from a file or the POINTER-FILE, and it's use may be as:

GET-LIST {list1 list2 list3 ... listX} {(options}


GET-LIST {DICT} filename id1 {id2 id3 ...} {{options}

where options may be:

A- All Lists are in the POINTER-FILE, useful if the list name is the same as a file name.

# Note #2

If multiple lists are specified then the resulting list is sorted and all entries in the resulting list are unique.

See also List storage.

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