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# Description

Creates a select list from a record in a file. It takes the general form:

FORM-LIST filename record-key {(n}


  • filename is the name of the file which contains record-key.
  • record-key is the name of the record to be converted into a select list.
  • n is the field number in the record from which the list is to start. If n is omitted the list will start from field 1.

The command will open file filename, read the record record-key and create a select list using each field in the record as a separate element for the list. The list formed becomes the active select list and will be inherited by the next jBASE command or program.

# Note

If record key is not specified, the user will be prompted to supply one.

# Example

200 records SELECTED

A record named APRIL.SALES in file SALES.LISTS contains a list of customer keys. Each key occupies a separate field. The FORM-LIST command generates an active list of customers. You can then issue a subsequent command such as LIST CUSTOMERS which will use the active list.

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