# File Definitions

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# Description

File definition records contain information that is used when formatting reports. For example, should the key field of a file be left or right justified, and how wide a column should it occupy. You can also define sublist codes to tell the system that a particular field is multivalued.

This section starts with a review of file definition records and discusses how the content of these records can affect the output from jQL commands - particularly with reference to sublists.

# Record Structure

The fields of a file definition record that affect jQL reports are:

Field 7
Conversion code for key, if required. For date, time, etc.
Field 8
V code to notify a multivalued (sublist) field, if required. See Sublists - V Code.
Field 9
Justification for key. Can be one of the following (see Data Definition Records):

Field 10
Column width for key. Default is 14 characters. Also see JBCIDLEN.

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