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# Description

Retrieves selected records and generates a list composed of data fields from those records as specified by any explicit or default output specifications. Each subvalue within a field becomes a separate entry within the list.

BSELECT file-specifier {record-list} {selection-criteria} {sort-criteria} {USING file-specifier}{output-specification} {(options}

# Note

When the command terminates, the total number of entries in the generated list is displayed and the list is made available as if it had been generated by a SELECT, GET-LIST or other list-providing command.

If the sort-criteria clause is not specified, the record list will be unsorted. If output-specification is not specified, the default dictionary definitions "1", "2", "3", ... will be used.

For instance :


Creates a list containing all P.CODE values from all the records in the SALES file which have an S.CODE that starts with ABC.

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