# Configuring the ODBC jEDI on Windows


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For windows operating systems, only the jEDIdrivers.ini file needs to be properly configured for correct function of the utility (as the ODBC definitions are defined in the native Windows 32/64 bit manager). It can exist in the %SYSTEMROOT%, %JBCDATADIR%/config, or %HOME% environment variables. Moreover, since the ODBC jEDI is comprised of a set of bin (executable) and lib (driver libraries and subroutines) binary-object files, you must ensure the lib directory path is added to your PATH environment variable (before beginning the steps listed below). The full path of the bin directory is located within your PATH environment variable, and the full path of the lib directory is located within your JBCOBJECTLIST environment variable.

For the configuration example below, we will be configuring an MSSQL ODBCdriver by doing the following:

  1. Navigate to the Control Panel

configuring-the-odbc-jedi-on-windows: 1574210484997-1574210484997 2. Click on System and Security

configuring-the-odbc-jedi-on-windows: 1574210506636-1574210506636 3. Click on System

configuring-the-odbc-jedi-on-windows: 1574210547647-1574210547647 4. Confirm whether you have a 32 or 64 bit operating system

configuring-the-odbc-jedi-on-windows: 1574458856453-1574458856453 5. Navigate back to the System and Security page

configuring-the-odbc-jedi-on-windows: 1574210995160-1574210995160 6. Click on Administrative Tools

configuring-the-odbc-jedi-on-windows: 1574211022130-1574211022130 7. Open the ODBC Data Sources app for the operating system we found in step 4 (64-bit in this example)

configuring-the-odbc-jedi-on-windows: 1574267302290-1574267302290
8.  Click on Add

configuring-the-odbc-jedi-on-windows: 1574359914331-1574359914331
9. Select SQL Server Native Client [version] and click on Finish

configuring-the-odbc-jedi-on-windows: 1574268421531-1574268421531

# Note #1

For SQL Server, the SQL Server Native Client [version] must be the selected driver due to its ability to support Multiple Active Statements (MAS). 10. Fill out the fields to define the Microsoft SQL Server Native Client driver

configuring-the-odbc-jedi-on-windows: 1574360349136-1574360349136
11. Click on Next

configuring-the-odbc-jedi-on-windows: 1574268826282-1574268826282
12. Click on With SQL Server authentication using a login ID and password entered by the user, and enter the user id and password used to enter your RDBMSserver

configuring-the-odbc-jedi-on-windows: 1574268921696-1574268921696
13. Click on Next

configuring-the-odbc-jedi-on-windows: 1574269134579-1574269134579
14. Update the fields listed as desired 15. Click on Next

configuring-the-odbc-jedi-on-windows: 1574269249743-1574269249743
16. Update the fields listed as desired 17. Click on Finish

configuring-the-odbc-jedi-on-windows: 1574360641898-1574360641898
18. Click on Test Data Source to test theODBC driver configuration, this will let you know if the ODBC driver correctly connected to your MSSQL database server

configuring-the-odbc-jedi-on-windows: 1574360672226-1574360672226

# Troubleshooting

If you did not receive the "TESTS COMPLETED SUCCESSFULLY!" message, make sure you selected the correct server in step 10, and entered the correct username and password information to connect to the server in step 12.
19. Navigate to the %SYSROOT% or %HOME% directory (where the jEDIdrivers.ini file lives) using the File Explorer.
20. Open jEDIdrivers.ini up for editing using your favorite text editor

configuring-the-odbc-jedi-on-windows: 1574273580209-1574273580209 21. Update the file parameters in the file to reflect the correct ODBC driver parameter values (these will depend on which driver you're setting up). Use the parameter descriptions in the jEDIdrivers.ini file definition section of the Structure of ODBC jEDI Initialization Files document to identify what needs to be changed.

# Note #2

The DSN parameter value corresponds to the name of the ODBC data source you created in the steps above.


JRLAlock = 0
FullyExpanded = 0
PasswdsEncrypted = 0
TblSep = __
VMCSep = __
CSVdir = /dbms/JEDICSV

default = DSN=MSSQL;UID=sa_new;DATABASE=ds_Portal_prod
msmatrix = DSN=MSSQL;UID=sa_new;DATABASE=hs_label_matrix

passwd = expswrd

passwd = expswrd

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