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We are extremely excited to announce support for MongoDB in jBASE 5.8, thanks to a brand-new addition to the jEDI (jBASE Electronic Data Interface) driver family!

MongoDB is a super popular NoSQL database used by the likes of Facebook and Twitter that has revolutionized the conversation around databases over the last decade. It is a cloud-friendly, highly redundant clustered architecture that is built for resilience and massive scalability, and its JSON-based data model are a natural fit for jBASE and MultiValue.

What makes this so exciting is that you can keep your MultiValue application in jBASE and easily store your data in MongoDB.

Whether you want to use MongoDB for its compliance and auditing features or you have newer developers who want to write reports and applications connected to a database that they are familiar with, we’ve got you covered!

jBASE is the only MV platform that lets you separate the application from the database, so you can store data in a jBASE or in another database.

We currently offer jEDI drivers for MongoDB, Oracle, and Microsoft SQL Server.

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