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# Description

This statement will write to a file opened for sequential access. It takes the general from:

WRITESEQ expression {APPEND} ON|TO FileVar THEN | ELSE statements


WRITESEQF expression {APPEND} TO FileVar THEN | ELSE statements


The value of expression is written to the file as the next line, and the THEN statements are executed. If THEN statements are not specified, program execution continues with the next statement; if the specified file cannot be accessed or does not exist, the ELSE statements are executed; any THEN statements are ignored.

FileVar specifies the file descriptor of the file opened for sequential access.

Statements are conditional jBASE BASIC statements

# Note

Each WRITESEQ writes the data on a line of the sequentially opened file. Each data is suffixed with a new line character. After each WRITESEQ, the file pointer moves forward to the end of line. The WRITESEQF statement forces each data line to be flushed to the file when it is written. The APPEND option forces each WRITESEQ to advance to the end of the file before writing the next data line.

See also: OPENSEQ.

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