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# Description

The STRS function to produces a dynamic array containing the specified number of repetitions of each element of dynamic.array. It takes the form:

STRS(dynamic.array, repeat)


dynamic.array is an expression that evaluates to the strings to be generated.

repeat is an expression that evaluates to the number of times the elements are to be repeated. If it does not evaluate to a value that can be truncated to a positive integer, an empty string is returned.

If dynamic.array evaluates to null, it returns null. If any element of dynamic.array is null, null is returned for that element. If repeat evaluates to null, the STRS function fails and the program enters the debugger.

An example of use is as:

arr1 = "A" : @VM : "B" : @VM : "C"
CRT STRS (arr1, 3)

to output:


on screen.

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