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# Description

The SADD function performs string addition of two base 10-string numbers. It takes the general from:

SADD(expr1, expr2)

Where :

expr1 and expr2 are strings consisting of numeric characters, optionally including a decimal part.

The SADD function can be used with numbers that may exceed a valid range with standard arithmetic operators.

The PRECISION declaration has no effect on the value returned by SADD.

Examples of use would be:

strA = 4000000000000000000000000000000
strB = 7
CRT SADD (strA, strB)

to display 4000000000000000000000000000007 to the screen, or

CRT SADD (4.33333333333333333,1.8)

to display 6.13333333333333333.

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