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# Description

JQLPUTPROPERTYsets a property in a compiled jQL statement. It takes the general form:

JQLPUTPROPERTY(PropertyValue, Statement, Column, PropertyName)


  • PropertyValue is the value to which you want to set the specified property, such as one or “BLAH”
  • Statement is the result of valid JQLCOMPILE .
  • Column holds 0 for a general property of the statement, or a column number if it is something that can be set for a specific column.
  • PropertyName  are EQUATED values defined by INCLUDE’ing the file JQLINTERFACE.h.

This function returns -1 if it locates a problem in the statement and zero for no problem.

# Note

Properties are valid after the compile; this is the main reason for separating the compile and execute into two functions. After compiling, it is possible to examine the properties and set properties before executing.

It should also be noted that some properties may require JQLEXECUTE first.

For a practical example of use, see the jexport.b program in the $JBCRELELEASEDIR/samples/JQLBASIC directory.

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