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# Description

JQLCOMPILE compiles a jQL statement. It takes the general form:

JQLCOMPILE(Statement, Command, Options, Messages)


  • Statement is the variable, which will receive the compiled statement, used by a majority of functito execute and work on the result set etc.
  • Command is the actual jQL query to be compiled (such as SELECT or something similar).
  • Option: you must specify JQLOPT_USE_SELECT to supply a select list to the JQLEXECUTE function; the compile builds a different execution plan if using select lists.
  • If the statement fails to compile, the message dynamic array is in the STOP format, therefore STOP messages can be programmed and printed. Provides a history of compilation for troubleshooting purposes; Returns -1 if there is a problem found in the statement and 0 for no problem.

Using RETRIEVE to obtain data records as the verb rather than an existing jQL verb, will ensure that the right options are set internally. In addition, using any word that is not a jQL reserved word as the verb will work in the same way as RETRIEVE.

Simply put : implement a PLOT command that passes the entire command line into JQLCOMPILE and the results will be the same as if the first word were replaced with RETRIEVE.

For a practical example of use, see the jexport.b program in the $JBCRELELEASEDIR/samples/JQLBASIC directory.

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