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# Description

The GROUP function is equivalent to the FIELD function. It takes the general form:

GROUP(Expression1, Expression2, Expression3, Expression4)


  • Expression1 evaluates to the string containing fields to be extracted,
  • Expression2 evaluates to the character(s) delimiting each field within Expression1,
  • Expression3 should evaluate to a numeric value specifying the number of the first field to extract from Expression1,
  • Expression4 evaluates to a numeric value specifying the number of fields to extract as a group.

# Note

Expression2 may evaluate to more than a single character allowing fields to be delimited with complex expressions.

An example of use is as:

num_List = "123:-456:-789:-987:-"
CRT GROUP(num_List, ":-", 2, 2)

to display:


on the terminal, being the second and third fields and their delimiter within variable num_List .

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