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# Description

This statement is used to delete a record from a jBASE file. It takes the general form:

DELETE {variable,} expression {SETTING setvar} {ON ERROR statements}


  • If specified, variable should have been the subject of a previous OPEN statement. If variable is omitted then it assumes the default file variable.
  • expression should evaluate to the name of a record stored in the open file.
  • If the SETTING clause is specified and the delete fails, it sets setvar to one of these file error values.

# Note

The statement will have no effect if the record name does not exist within the file. If a lock was being held by the program against the file record, then the lock will be released.

An example of use is as:

OPEN "test_rec" TO file_variable ELSE ABORT 201, "test_rec"
DELETE file_variable , "001"

to delete the record "001" from the file test_rec .

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