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# Description

This function counts the number of field elements in a string that are separated by a specified delimiter. It takes the general form:

DCOUNT(expression1, expression2)


  • expression1 evaluates to a string in which fields are to be counted.
  • expression2 evaluates to the delimiter string used to count the fields.

# Note

  • The delimiter string may consist of more than one character.
  • If expression1 is a NULL string, the function returns a value of zero.
  • The delimiter string may consist of any character, including system delimiters such as field marks or value marks.

An example of use is as follows:

    alphaString = "A : B : C : D"
    CRT "The result of DCOUNT(alphaString, ':') is " : DCOUNT(alphaString, ':')
    CRT "The result of COUNT(alphaString, ':')  is " : COUNT(alphaString, ':')

The above code will result in the following output:

The result of DCOUNT(alphaString, ':') is 4
The result of COUNT(alphaString, ':')  is 3

Note the difference in result returned by the COUNT function

See also: COUNT.

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