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# Description

This statement sends data directly to the terminal, even if a PRINTER ON statement is currently active. It takes the general form:

CRT|DISPLAY expression {, expression..} {:}

expression can evaluate to any data type. The CRT statement will convert the result to a string type for printing. Expressions separated by commas will be sent to the screen separated by a tab character.

The CRT statement will append a newline sequence to the final expression unless it is terminated with a colon ":" character.

# Note

As expression can be any valid expression, it may have output formatting applied to it.

A jBASE BASIC program is normally executed using buffered output mode. This means that data is not flushed to the terminal screen unless a newline sequence is printed or terminal input is requested.

This makes it very efficient. However you can force output to be flushed to the terminal by printing a null character CHAR (0). This has the same effect as a newline sequence but without affecting screen output.

Older versions may use DISPLAY in place of CRT.

An example of use is as:

FOR position = 1 TO 5
    DISPLAY @(position, 10) : position
NEXT position

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