# COL1 and COL2

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# Description

These functions can be used in conjunction with the FIELD function to determine the character positions one position before and one position after the location of the last field. It takes the general form:

COL1() / COL2()

When a field has been located in a string, it is sometimes useful to know its exact position within the string to manipulate either it, or the rest of the string. COL1() will return the position of the character immediately before the last field located. COL2() will return the position of the character immediately after the end of the last field located. Use them to manipulate the string.

An example of use is as:

array1 = "A,B,C,D,E"
Fld = FIELD(array1, ",", 2)
CRT "COL1() = " : COL1()
CRT "COL2() = " : COL2()

Displays the following result:

COL1() = 2
COL2() = 4

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