# Running jBC Programs

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# Description

Before a jBC program can be run it must be cataloged after it is compiled with the BASIC command. This is the preferred way to run a jBC program (excluding subroutines, functions and methods).

The CATALOG command creates an executable file that can be launched in the same way as any other executable:

  • from the command line
  • from a Unix script file (e.g. .profile)
  • from a Windows .cmd or .bat file
  • from a Windows shortcut
  • from a PROC
  • from a PARAGRAPH
  • using the jBC EXECUTE/ PERFORM statements
  • using the jBC ENTER or CHAIN statements

# The RUN command

jBASE also provides the RUN command to launch an executable.

This exists solely for compatibility with older systems. Because there is a resource overhead in using RUN, we recommend RUN is not used.

Note that using RUN does not remove the requirement to CATALOG jBC programs.

RUN can be used as :

RUN SourceFileName ProgramName (options

The SourceFileName is used as a place holder only, so specifying a different source file does not change the version of the program that is run.

# Note

If your program file is a directory, does not have an OBJECT data level and the program name does not end in ".b", then the RUN operation will attempt to catalog "on-the-fly" if the catalogued routine is not already available.

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